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Bridge Components

Bearings Bearings:  In conjunction with Metal Products, Inc., we are able to provide plain and laminated neoprene, elastomeric, PTFE, and both simple and complex steel bearings to suit the needs of any project. We also have a CNC Machining Center for complex steel bearings.
 Floodgate Floodgates:  DeLong’s, Inc. has recently fabricated several floodgates, which must be held to very tight tolerances and undergo stringent inspection by the owners.
Finger-Plate-Expansion-Joint-(2) Expansion Joints:  DeLong’s can provide most types of expansion joint including strip seal, compression seal, flat plate, and finger plate joints.
Hinge-Modifications Miscellaneous Bridge Components:  DeLong’s provides all kinds of miscellaneous components including drains, diaphragms, and hinge replacements.