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AISC bridge Merit Winner in the Major Bridge Category

We are glad to be a part of fabricating the steel for the Broadway Bridge over the Arkansas River in Little Rock, Arkansas. The AISC recently announced that this bridge is a merit winner in the major bridge category. DeLong’s, Inc. supplied 59 girders and 6 beams, weighing 1,311 tons

Sedalia Showcase Company 2019

Thank you to the Economic Development Sedalia-Pettis County for honoring DeLong’s, Inc. as the 2019 Sedalia Showcase company to highlight the significant impact the company has in Sedalia and Missouri. The event will take place on August 15th at our Sedalia location and will be the 15th Annual Sedalia Showcase. We are grateful to have many hard working, wonderful people at our company.

DeLong’s, Inc. and Stupp Bridge Company’s Learn + Earn 

On November 1, 2018, DeLong’s, Inc. and Stupp Bridge Company hosted a Learn + Earn event at the Engineers Club in St. Louis, Missouri. The event was a great opportunity to connect with professionals from across the region and learn about what is impacting the bridge industry.

In attendance were Department of Transportation representatives, AGC of Missouri representatives, owners, contractors, engineers, consultants, and university professionals. 

We had some terrific speakers for the event including: Missouri Lieutenant Governor, Mike Kehoe, MoDOT’s State Bridge Engineer, Dennis Heckman,  University of Wyoming’s Professor, Dr. Michael Barker, DeLong’s, Inc. Executive Vice President and General Manager, Darrin Kelly, Stupp Bridge Company’s Senior Vice President of Sales, Adam DeMargel, and Missouri AGC President, Leonard Toenjes.

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Health Fair

DeLong’s, Inc. has a vested interest in the health and welfare of its employees and their families.  For that reason, the Company provides an annual comprehensive health screening and flu vaccines for employees and their spouses at no cost to the employees. Employees who take advantage of this health benefit are eligible for a reduction in their weekly health insurance premiums.

Lewis and Clark Viaduct Bridge in Kansas City, KS over the Kansas River

The Westbound I-70 Bridge Over the Kansas River in Wyandotte County, Kansas is better know as the Lewis and Clark Viaduct.  The bridge consists of four units.  Units 1, 3, and 4 were supplied by DeLong’s Inc. Unit 2 was furnished by W&W / AFCO Steel.  Our three units consist of a total of 67 girders, weighing in at a total of 1462 tons.  The largest single piece was just under 9 feet tall, 128 feet long, and weighed 62,000 pounds.

Employee Appreciation Lunch

The success of DeLong’s, Inc. is a direct result of the hard work of the talented men and women who work here. To thank our staff for their continued dedication to excellence, DeLong’s, Inc. provides a catered lunch for all staff.  We feel it is incredibly important to take such an opportunity to express our gratitude.

Golf Tournament

On September 24, 2018, DeLong’s, Inc. hosted its 16th annual Golf Tournament at The Club at Porto Cima. Approximately 72 golfers participated in the tournament, including many great customers.

2nd Place Winners
1st Place Winners

A scenic picture from one of our job’s in the St. Louis area of bridge parts being delivered for the Poplar Street Bridge renovation

Some recent findings on the economy of steel and concrete bridges in Missouri